Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Some Mochimochi Land Fun

I got 2 Mochimochi Land books for my birthday and have been trying to find time to make more projects from them.  This weekend as my coursework is  now out of the way I finally had a chance to make some adorable little knitted toys.

I decided that as it is so close to Christmas that I just had to make this Christmas tree.

It was so quick to knit that I immediately had to make another project so I went for one of the most famous patterns from Mochimochi Land - the tiny gnome pattern.

It is a great little pattern and I think I'll be making more soon - maybe so this little gnome can have a party with some friends for Christmas (depends how busy I am in the next week).  Here is the gnome getting ready for Christmas:

I love these patterns!  They are so cute and so simple at the same time.

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