Friday, 21 December 2012

#reverb12 catch-up - Days 7-21

I'm not going to write answers to all of the #reverb12 prompts but I will answer half of the ones I missed (mostly odd numbers because they are my favourite).

Day 7: What will you take with you?
I will be taking into 2013 the drive to work - one final push as I go into my last semester at uni.  I've spent so much time over the last months filling in job applications so now I want to do the best I can at uni and be able to have my effort rewarded.

Day 9: Your favourite book?
This year I discovered the 'Vampire Chronicles' series and read 'Interview with a Vampire'.  I have been a big fan of vampires since I was young and was delighted to find a series of books that wasn't brought on by the recent vampire craze.  I quickly moved on to the second book and now have the whole series on my Kobo.

Day 11: What was music to your ears?
I have had a lot of good news this year.  The first one that came to mind was that I was thrilled when Eve got accepted into Cambridge and even more so when she got there and settled in quickly.  I was also happy when I found that The Boy and I would be graduating together next summer and when my Bestie got his house offer accepted.

Day 13: Your favourite photo of you?
My favourite photo of me taken this year is probably from The Boy's step-brother's wedding I went to in April.  My hair and make-up had been professionally done and I loved having curly hair - it was a shame I couldn't keep it curly.

I also love this picture of me in the doorway of my house on the day we moved in.  We definitely need the extra space the house has over last year's flat.

Day 15: What tingled your taste-buds?
This year I have been doing more baking and trying to be a more adventurous cook.  I have loved trying different foods with The Boy - both what we have cooked and what we have eaten out together.

Day 16: Who inspired you?
My crafting has been inspired by so many wonderful bloggers this year.  Also by the fun that is Pinterest which gives me generous helpings of craftiness all the time.  I have made a few things I've found on Pinterest and I want to make many more.

Day 19: How did you nourish your self?
I have kept myself nourished by drinking copious amounts of tea and kept myself sane by crafting.  Yarn is an easy way to escape from the stresses of uni work.

Day 21: What's on the dream list?
I don't know what to wish for in 2013 as it will be a year with lots of big changes.  One dream that came true in 2012 was to visit Venice.  It was everything I hoped it would be and I'm so thankful to The Boy for taking me there.

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