Monday, 22 April 2013

What I've been making recently (Photo heavy)

I've got a huge backlog of finished projects forming so I really need to blog about them.

I haven't shown what I made for Eve's Birthday (over a month ago!).  Here is the card I made her:

I also made her some bear ears - because I love wearing mine so much.  

Eve's Bear Ears:
  • Craft: Crochet
  • Pattern: Bear Headband by Kala Hotakainen;
  • Yarn: 3 Strands of Stash DK 
    • Weight: DK - combined forms yarn thicker than 'bulky'
    • Hook Size: 6mm
    • Ravelry Project Page

    The rest of the presents I made here were little items that were quick to make such as a tiny knitted penguin:

    Tiny Penguin:

    And some of my soot sprites:

    More Soot Sprites:

    I managed to cross another item off my to-do-list - Heart Bunting

    Heart Bunting:

    The Scrap-a-long over at Freshstitches is now over and I managed to make 2 of Stacey's monsters - one for me and one for Rob because we couldn't decide which pattern was the best.

    Mixtro the Monster:

    Bixi the Monster:

    I loved learning how to do the Russian Joins to link up the different scrap yarns and the scrap-busting project was rather addictive.

    I'm not starting any more projects until my exams are over at the end of May - which is sooo hard to stick to!  I've been working on a few of my WIPs:

    Rob's scarf:

    Ripple blanket:


    I have made a huge amount of progress on this jumper for Rob as I took it back to my parents' house while Rob was away skiing.  I only have the sleeves and sewing up the jumper to do now.  The other two projects are the ones I work on while I am at uni or sat at home in the evenings.

    I'm demonstrating my final year project on Thursday so I've been working on my A1 poster that will be displayed on my bench -  as I spend all day in a hot lab being quizzed on my progress.

    After that I have to finish off my thesis, hand in another 2 courseworks, and then exams start - it feels weird knowing that my time in full-time education is almost at an end.