Friday, 28 September 2012

Good Luck Eve! and FO Friday

My little sister, Eve, goes away for university tomorrow.  This is quite a scary step for my family and makes me feel rather old.  She is being rather braver than I was and is going halfway across the country to Cambridge - I was only brave enough to move about 10 miles from my parents.

I gave her a box full of presents last weekend which included some things I had crocheted for her as well as a lot of other presents I had rounded up from Amazon, Etsy, and high street shops (which took a lot of planning but somehow I pulled it off).  She loved all of her presents.

Here is what I made for her (I'm posting it conveniently on a Friday)
Two of the patterns are by my favourite 2 bloggers - My Mum and Lucy 'Inthesky' and the other is one of my own patterns

I made her some snuggly mittens to keep her warm in the old buildings:
Pattern : Granny Chic 'Granny Stripe' Wrist Warmers by Lucy Inthesky

This bunting is to match the colours in this blanket my Mum made for her to take to university
Pattern: Pretty Lacy Bunting by Janet McMahon

And finally, this bunny in disguise as a bee was just to make her laugh
Pattern: Simple Striped Bunny by Grace McMahon

I was pleased with how all of the projects turned out - my favourite is probably the bunny but I'm sure she will get most use out of the mittens.

Good Luck Eve!  

We'll text/talk/Skype lots (maybe even write too) and come and see you in a few weeks xxxxxxxxxxx

In other news, I have decided to go against my nice system of not starting a project until another is finished and am currently neglecting big projects that need finishing in order to make other projects.

I started knitting a scarf for The Boy after there were several requests from the boys at uni for hand made scarves (The Boy's one is a practice-run to see how long it takes to make a scarf and how much I should charge).  I'll be using chunky wool for any requested scarves as this is my absolute favourite weight to knit in and grows so quickly.

I am also meant to be making a present for The Boy's little brother (using this pattern)  who is staying with us tonight until Sunday.  I'm making it as a footballer in a Celtic FC kit although annoyingly I left one ball of wool I needed at home today so I couldn't do much on the doll in the 6 hour gap I had between lectures.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Teeny Tiny Dinosaur (and other crafting)

As I mentioned in my last post, I got two Mochimochi Land books for my birthday. I just couldn't wait to get making something from them (although I was beaten to it by my Mum) so I decided to start with the Tiny Dinosaur. It didn't take long to make but I did get some funny looks when I was using 4 needles to knit at lunchtime.

I made myself a crown to wear on my birthday using this quick and easy pattern:
Cai's Birthday Tiara by Carrie Piper

The final thing I've made is Olive Damper Bread using this Lorraine Pascale recipe I actually don't like olives but The Boy does so I thought I'd treat him. I did try a bit of the bread and it was so tasty - I'll be making some without olives very soon.

We're off to the Liverpool Food Festival this afternoon which should be good.