Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Skiing Holiday

I've finally found a chance to sit down and blog about my holiday to Val d'Isere.  Last week at work I was so busy with training that it's been great to have a nice relaxing weekend.

The holiday was with some people from work.  Rob has been skiing since he was about 3 and I thought this would be my best chance to start learning to ski along with other beginners.

I was having beginner skiing lessons along with another of my friends so I spent most of my time on this slope:

As a beginner this slope is scary enough and I fell over a lot at first.  I did get to do some proper slopes during my week of lessons including the ones at the top of this mountain.  You can barely see me in this photo because of the contrast with the snow.

The views from here were amazing.  We got to see Mont Blanc on one of the days too but I was too busy zooming down a hill to take a photo of it.

We rode around a lot in ski lifts - here I am on the way from La Folie Douce.  Sunglasses were needed for most of the holiday because the snow was so bright.  It was also pretty warm for the whole week.

From the cable cars you could see a long way around the valley.

An apres-ski party at La Folie Douce.  It was crazy skiing towards the club with the music belting out.  But it did feel like a good reward to be there after skiing down the mountain to there.

On the last day we took the cable cars around the whole of Val d'Isere to all of the viewpoints to photograph the beautiful scenery.

Rob is hoping I'll want to go skiing again next year with him and I think I'd like to.  Although it was so tiring it was also good fun once I stopped worrying about falling over.