Friday, 22 February 2013

FO Friday - 22/2/13

I have managed to get a few more projects done since my last Friday post.  It's good being able to cross projects off my list.  I've finished 4 recently and only started another one because it has an upcoming deadline.

I finished making my headphone cosy using my lovely Wicked wool

Headphone Cosy

I made knitted hearts in a jam jar for Rob's birthday/ Valentine's Day

Jar of Hearts:
  • Craft: Knitting
  • Pattern: Hearts by Anna Hrachovec
  • Yarn: Various Scraps
    • Weight: DK
  • Needle Size: 3.25mm or 3mm (depended what was free at the time)
  • Ravelry Project Page

When I saw the pattern for these crocheted stars I was inspired to make a garland out of them.  I crocheted the borders for the tops of the stars and the chains to link them together then turned and crocheted back along the bottoms of the stars.  I love how the black borders make the colours stand out

Star Garland:

We also finished off the beer brewing and bottled all of the lager we made.  I made a mat to sit underneath the beer barrel to protect the floor.

Barrel Mat:
  • Craft: Crochet
  • Pattern: None - just granny stripes
  • Yarn: Unknown Gifted Wool
    • Weight: DK
  • Hook Size: 4mm
  • Ravelry Project Page

FO’s 2013 = 5 + 4 = 9
WIP’s = 15 - 4 =11 (excluding baby booties)
Queued = 11

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