Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Recent Finished Objects

I seem to be posting about my finished objects in bursts at the moment but I had to wait until after the weekend as 2 of them were gifts.

I finished the colourful stripey blanket I had neglected for a while (sewing the lining in was taking ages so I put it aside).  I love how bright and cheerful it is.   Once I had made the basic square I used this tutorial for how to make it into a bag shape and attach the handles as the original instructions were confusing.

Stripey Bag:

This weekend, Rob and I have been away at his Mum's house to help her celebrate a significant birthday.  All of his Mum's and her husband's children were staying at the house as well as their partners.  On Saturday morning she had a photographer come to the house for an hour to get lots of lovely family photos as one of her presents.  In the evening there was a huge party in a local fancy hotel and it was good to spend time with some people we hadn't seen in a while.  The girls in the family all went to get our hair done before the party and they did my hair wavy - I loved it.

One of the people I spent time with over the weekend was my pregnant friend.  She's due soon so we're all excited.  I made 2 pairs of adorable little booties for the baby.  I decided to make a pair that looked like converse and a pair of what I consider more 'traditional' baby booties.  My friend and her husband both absolutely loved the booties and the husband instantly posted them to Facebook to show them off (admittedly he called them knitted to avoid having to try to explain crochet).  Check out the adorable names of the baby wool shades.

Converse Baby Booties:

Yellow Baby Booties:

I also decided to rush to finish off a present for Rob's little brother.  The whole family are huge football fans and his brother is no exception.  I used a pattern for a boy doll from my first crochet book I ever received and modify the outfit to make it the Celtic football kit.  He is always thrilled when I crochet something for him and is keen to know how long I spent making everything.  The disadvantage of this present was that I had to watch him demonstrate 'amazing' goals using the toy for the rest of the evening.

Footballer Toy:

The completion of the footballer toy brought my WIP count to single digits so as a reward I decided to make myself some bear ears - everybody needs them!  I love how they look but Rob probably thinks I'm mad because I sit wearing them while I'm working at home (also now).  I had the red wool left over from making Rob's hat.

Bear Ears:
  • Craft: Crochet
  • Pattern: Bear Headband by Kala Hotakainen;
  • Yarn: Teddy Avril Chunky Knitting (100g)
    • Weight: Bulky
    • Colourway: Red
  • Hook Size: 6mm
  • Ravelry Project Page

I mentioned Rob's hat and that reminded me that it is technically back in my WIP list.  We decided that the colour was too bright so I dyed it darker using black dye and now it is a lovely colour but the hat stretched in the wash so I undid it.  Luckily it is a really quick and easy pattern to make up and I've been doing a little each evening.

As part of my getting organised and focussed for my final exams in May (last ever uni exams!) I'm scheduling my time in advance and sticking to a strict timetable.  At first the timetabling idea was just to help me get a coursework done on time but I have found that it really helps me to not get distracted.  Here is my timetable for this evening:

I now write out a timetable every day and follow it strictly.

FO’s 2013 = 9 + 5=14
WIP’s = 9 + hat is back =10
Queued = 11 +1 = 12

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  1. Wow, lots of lovely projects there - you have been busy. I especially love the bear ears and may be tempted to make some myself.