Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Busy Week

This week I have been trying to get more organised.  I have made a list of all of the knitting and crochet projects that are currently in progress as well as the percent that each one is complete.  I was quite shocked to see how many projects I am actually working on although some, as seasonal decorations, had been put into hibernation as their season passed - such as the Autumn leaf garland and the stocking garland.

The list made me determined to get my crafting into order and drastically lower the number of WIPs I have at any one time.  I managed to complete the two scarves I was making for the boys at university.  I have given one to the person it was made for but the other is still drying at my house after being washed and blocked.  The scarf was well received and the guy it was made for loved the colour of it - I hope the other one is loved too.

Wine Crocheted scarf:
  • Pattern:  Joseph's Scarf by Cheryl Wilson
  • Yarn: Sirdar Tweedie Chunky (50g)
    • Weight: Bulky
    • Colourway: 0284
    • Amount used:  2.2 skeins = 239.8 yards (219.3m)
  • Hook Size: 6mm

Blue/Green Knitted scarf:
  • Pattern:  A Simple Scarf for Anyone by GZ
  • Yarn: Teddy Navajo Chunky Knitting (100g)
    • Weight: Bulky
    • Colourway:  8374
    • Amount used:   2.2 skeins = 279.1 yards (255.2m)
  • Needle Size: 6mm

As to the other (*whispers* 17) projects I can now see how close to completion I am for each one and can prioritise.  I want to get back to single figures before I start anything new so I'd better hurry as I have a deadline coming up at the start of March for a project I haven't even started yet.

I have not only been busy with crafting and coursework this week, I have also had 2 job interviews/assessment centres.  The interview yesterday was in Leeds so I got to see a bit of the city as I wandered from the station to the company building.  Both job events went well - which is always a relief as I was naturally so nervous beforehand.

FO’s 2013 = 1 + 2 =3
WIP’s = 17
Queued = 11


  1. Speaking of WIP's let me get your opinion. I have a few projects stored away that I haven't started but I got the yarn at a really good price and found & printed patterns to use the yarn for. Would you consider these as WIP's or assigned stash (for lack of a better phrase). If they were yours would you have them on you WIP list? I've kinda been debating this in my head lately.

    1. Hi.
      I only count things I've actually started as WIPs and keep the things in my queue that I plan to make with my stashed wool. If I didn't I'd have a lot more on the go at any one time!

    2. That's what I was leaning towards for the exact same reason LOL Thank-you! =)