Friday, 20 April 2012

A Very Generous Friend

One of my uni friends asked me if I wanted some wool the other day.  She had been given it by her Auntie but had nothing to do with it so she offeref it to me instead.  I was just expecting a few balls of wool but instead I got an amazing amount of wool.

I've grouped it by weight - the red 4ply at the start, then it's double knit, then aran, then the denim super chunky stuff at the end.

I love the colour of the Aran wool below.  I've now got 450g of it.

Included was also a set of handles and a stitch holder.

Overall I think I am very lucky with what I got.  The DK colours are all ones I didn't have before.

In other news, my uni project is going well - we've got to present it to the supervisor and assessor on Tuesday so we've been busy all day every day this week trying to get it working and complete our poster.


  1. The Angels of Yarn have been shining down upon you, I just know you will do something fabulously creative with that lot! Good luck for the project :)

    1. Thank you :D Apparently in return for all the yarn I have to teach my friend to make something but I've no idea what she has in mind

  2. How generous. Remember your Mum loves you and she'll be happy to share any of it with you!!