Monday, 27 February 2012

Update: The Tetris Blanket

I've finally designed a pattern for my Tetris blanket so now I'm really motivated to complete it - the granny a day was becoming a chore.

So here is how the finished blanket will look (but I will put a grey border around it)

I've started sewing the squares together because I was so excited after making up the pattern so here is my progress:
It looks pretty good I think.  That isn't the full width by the way that was just me sewing whatever squares I had to hand - you can see that it's the middle part of my pattern.

When I calculated how many squares of each colour I'll need I found that I have to make 73 black squares - lucky I bought three 100g balls of wool then!  For the other colours I'll only need 16-23 squares of each colour.

In other news - My weekend summary:
The Boy took me to a swanky restaurant for Valentine's Day (it's allowed to not be on the day - it is his birthday) more details to follow!
I went to visit my parents of the weekend so:
-  I now have my knitting needles with me in the flat - let's bring Beau by Kim Hargreaves out of hibernation
-  I have some pebbles to dress (see my Mum's blog post here)
Also I volunteered to help my friend Lucy as one of here Oompa Loompas in her 'Delusions of Grandeur'


  1. I could not wish for a better Oompa Loompa, your blanket is going to be too cool! Pebble dressing looks like a fabulous past time too. I may have to have me a go :) x I am glad 'The Boy' is being good to you, isn't it about time you two made another pie?

    1. I'm going to make a pebble bunny using the pebbles I collected from the beach yesterday.

      A pie does sound like a good idea - I'll suggest that to him :D

      I'll be starting your project tomorrow *exciting!* x

  2. I think your tetris blanket is so awesome!! Brilliant idea.. I might consider doing something like that, maybe my Boy will let me make a blanket for the bed then. Can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished!