Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dress Shopping

Not something I'd ever claim to be fond of but I've got a wedding coming up (The Boy's step-brother) so I needed a new outfit.

I enlisted the help of my best girlie-friend from uni and we went off shopping together.

She had taken me shopping the last time I'd needed an dress for a wedding so she knew what colours and styles worked for me.

I have to say we were the most efficient shoppers on that day - we had bought a dress, shoes, necklace, and earrings within 75 minutes (including a stop for breakfast pizza at a little stall we always visit) so now I'm all sorted for the wedding in April.

I also found out that The Boy and I will be staying in the Hilton rather than in a relative's spare room as we previously thought, which is exciting as well as the fact that I'm having my hair and make-up done by a professional on the day with the other female relatives (convenient as I don't like putting on make-up). 

So here is my outfit - the picture quality isn't great but at least the lovely colour of the dress shows up


  1. It looks great - the necklace also looks interesting.