Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WIP Wednesday

I discovered this concept while blog-browsing and thought it was a good idea to keep me up to date with my blogging.

It's terrible - I have 4 projects on-the-go at the moment and they're all a little neglected.

Beau by Kim Hargreaves
I've done the back so onto the front now but the rib takes FOREVER as I have to keep changing stitch after every 2 stitches.

Checkerboard Placemats by Lily / Sugar'n Cream
I'm technically not using the pattern as I didn't like the way it was executed.
As you can see I haven't done that much - another 4 of what I've done and then the edging.

Robert Banner - Alphabet by Melody Griffiths
Only 1 letter made so far - damn him for being named 'Robert' and not just 'R'.

And Finally:
Free: Stash Buster Camera Cozy by Shweta Shankar Khatri
This is because I love my new camera so much and don't want it getting hurt
It looks pretty good but the colours don't really show up here - I went for lots of different blues and a grey to provide a contrast with the red camera.

Also - *mini rant alert*
How come you can't buy a newspaper at a newsagents?
Or was it naive of me to try?
I decided I'd buy it from one of the local shops rather than the university guild or a supermarket so I tried two different newsagents today and one didn't sell newspapers at all and the other only sold one type of newspaper.  Most disappointed!


  1. I love this post. Very entertaining.

  2. You are very brave to delve into your WIP pile: I haven't the courage because I know I have so many - several in three or four different crafts! Maybe I should tidy up a bit and then partake of a WIP Wednesday myself...

  3. Well I hope I can keep up with the WIP Wednesdays - I tend to blog in patches