Thursday, 20 October 2011

A very aptly named wool

I decided to have a walk to Abakhan Craft Shop today after my lectures were over.  You know already this isn't going to end well but I did need some white wool for amigurumi and then I saw there was a sale on Sirdar wool so bought some novelty wool for more soot sprites.  I also invested in (it is investing as it will probably last me forever) a bag of stuffing.

Well, Here is the damage:
 Anyway as I was browsing I found some King Cole Wicked wool and decided to be naughty and treat myself.  It's just so colourful and inspiring!

The rest of the wool I bought was either discounted or the most basic wool/acrylic they sold that can just be used for little toys.  So now I'm more motivated to get crocheting!


  1. I know and I just loved the colours of the Wicked wool! :D

  2. This looks very interesting. I love the wicked wool. Maybe mext time your passing you could pick up a bag of stuffing for me too!