Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I'm excited today as I got my new Library card for the library near the flat.  Ok so that may not sound that exciting but I didn't get to move out all my books with me so I need to make up for it somehow.

Also, tomorrow we're getting Virgin Media installed so I'll be scooting home after my lecture to make sure I'm home in time for the guy.

The Boy has an interview tomorrow so he won't be around and I really hope he gets the job as he's sent off lots of applications and he's in university less hours than me and I think he's a bit bored of it.

Last week we were going to ASDA for a very quick shop and I ended up buying a new digital camera as I left my good one for my Mum to use for her blog as she tends to use it more often than I did anyway.

So now I have a lovely red camera which I'm busy crocheting a case for (I'll put up pictures tomorrow).  I always wanted a red camera as I love bright colours especially red.


  1. How exciting - a new library card. Can I borrow it sometimes?
    I can't wait to see the red camera - very jolly.

  2. You can borrow it if you're nice!

    Also you know what I'm like about red things :)