Friday, 19 September 2014

FO Friday - Clearing some WIPs

I love the feeling of showing off my finished projects.  I managed to lose my crafting motivation over the last few months - I had so many big projects on that I felt overwhelmed and that I was getting nowhere so it's a thrill to be able to show off three projects I've completed recently.

Firstly, I finished the mittens I was working on last week.

They were super-quick to make and are nice and toasty to wear.  The pattern is: Super Chunky Mittens by Hannah Storms

I also managed to complete the granny square cushion I was making before I moved into my flat over a year ago (and I'm leaning on it as I write this post).  The cushion is made up of 50 granny squares and it joined together using the join-as-you-go method.

And finally, I finished my first shawl project, Trillian by Martina Behm - also the first thing I've made in 4ply yarn.

I actually miss working on this project - it was perfectly portable and lived in my handbag for any time I had a spare second to knit.  Now I need to find a new project I can carry around with me.


  1. Wonderful finished projects. I love the colours of the cushion.

  2. Some beautiful projects, your shawl is especially gorgeous.
    Carol aka Dansnan xx