Monday, 27 August 2012

A Lovely Birthday

I have to admit, being 21 doesn't feel any different from being 20 except that everyone is now telling me I'm all grown up.

I've had a great last few days, starting on Wednesday when I spent the evening baking cakes for work.

Thursday was my birthday and everyone at work was so kind and loved my cakes - they didn't last very long, I took 24 cakes and after less than 10 minutes of them being in the kitchen over half had been eaten.  One of the admin women gave me a hug when she found out I was 21.  It was great getting to see my Bestie too and he gave me a lovely card and present.  In the evening my parents and Eve came over to see me.  They gave me lots of lovely presents: my Mum knitted me a jumper (you can see it here), I got new double pointed needles, and I got 2 Mochimochiland books - can't wait to get making stuff from these books!

On Friday, Eve came over to help me tidy, clean, and bake for the family party the next day.  I couldn't have coped without her help (also thanks to Mum who helped with the cleaning and dealt with the maintenance man).  When The Boy got back from work, he took me and Eve to Nando's for a meal and then we went to a fancy cocktail bar (Las Iguanas) and spent a few hours there with another of our friends from university.

On Saturday, we did some more baking and cleaning (and watched Beauty and the Beast which was another of my presents) then all of my grandparents came over to visit (and see our house).  I don't think I could have managed without help from my parents during the party.  Or after the party really, they helped me with the cleaning and getting the house back to normal.  Below are the cakes left over for me and The Boy from the party and after my parents had taken their share.

By Sunday I was glad we had 2 days left of the weekend so we can sort the house out a bit more - we had some furniture removed on Friday and now have a lot more space so can unpack some of the boxes we left under the stairs out of the way when we moved.

I need to get some more photos from Eve and Mum but I'll hopefully post them soon.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday. Keep smiling.

  2. Lovely to hear you had a great day...Many Happy Returns :) xxx