Monday, 30 July 2012

A little bit of everything

I have many exciting things to report so this may become a messy blog post.

Firstly, a couple of weeks ago I went on holiday with my family to a little village called St Dogmaels in west Wales, near Cardigan on the River Teifi.  We had a lovely time, our mornings were spent relaxing and our afternoons spent on picturesque walks in the countryside.  Here are a few photos from the holiday but more can be seen on my Mum's blog post

When I got back from my holiday I was met with a beautiful bunch of flowers from The Boy which made me smile.  He had previously bought me flowers when I had two uni exams on the same day.  

Exam Flowers

Holiday Flowers
I like the colours of the holiday flowers best but both are beautiful and so sweet of The Boy to surprise me with them.

I'm halfway through crocheting a little surprise present for The Boy which is difficult to do when we live together so I can't hide things as easily.  It's mostly done so hopefully I can find a bit more time to finish it off.

I've got a significant birthday coming up in 3 and a half weeks and to celebrate I'll be inviting my family over to our house.  The house is definitely a lot tidier than when I first moved but we have surplus furniture that we need the landlord to take away that is cluttering up the living room at the moment.

This weekend I've been making an extra effort to get organised - I'm carrying a notebook around in my handbag and made a to-do list board based on an idea I found here at  As soon as I saw this daily prioritiser I had to come up with my own design using robots instead of people.  I also decided to use clips to hold the notes rather than use post-it-notes.

The other thing I did this weekend was a spot of baking.  I've been meaning to make little cupcakes inside teacups with jam in the little glass ramekins I've saved from eating Gu desserts.  They turned out exactly how I had hoped but I had forgotten how difficult it was to mix by hand and after a long time with no exercise this tired me out! 

I'll have to make these again soon but I have already planned what I'm baking next weekend.  Also, The Boy's Mum said next time I bake she is coming over to eat at our house - I'm just glad people like my baking!


  1. Hellooo! Long time no see :) I loved this post it is so positive, happy and full off lovely things, I am glad things are going great. xxx

    1. Hello again! I have been shattered after work so haven't been blogging much - very naughty! Hopefully I'll be able to more from now on :D xxx

  2. The cakes look wonderful - I don't suppose there are any left!