Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged.  I've been so busy revising that I haven't had time to blog.  My exams start on Monday and I have 5 exams in the first week then 1 exam a week later.  I mostly haven't had to craft, but I've been making the odd Tetris square or part of housewarming present for my best friend. 

The housewarming present is going well but there is still a long way to go.  I've put it on my Ravelry project page here or you can see a photo of it here but I'm not putting a photo up here so my best friend can't see it until it is done (I assume I can trust him not to peek).

At some point I need to start making presents for Eve for when she goes away to uni in September but that can wait until I have more free time.

I mentioned last week that my Boy was doing a 10k run.  I went to watch him run and support him (and take some photos). 

He managed to complete the run in 70minutes which is a good time.  He also did a sprint finish and overtook 3 other guys right at the end.

Here he is with his medal and t-shirt (after he'd thrown a bottle of water over himself to cool down).

I am so proud of him for doing the run.


  1. Well done to the runner - a great achievement.

  2. That runner deserves a Pie and probably a pint too! Good luck with your exams :) x

    1. Thank you! :D We did mean to make a pie over the weekend but didn't get around to it x

  3. Good luck with your exams, how fix he must be to run 10km.

  4. Thank you! I was proud that he did it with only a couple of weeks practice :)