Friday, 4 May 2012

Getting back to blogging and Happy Star Wars Day!

It's been a while since I've blogged because I had to write my project thesis to hand in yesterday. It's done now so that project is completely finished.

Last weekend my Mum took me to my first craft fair (Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts - Liverpool) and it was really good.  A bit overwhelming though, especially when it came to choosing the wool at the Black Sheep Wool stall - a whole pile of packs of yarn that I had to wade into in order to get wool that Mum and I wanted.

 This is a photo of the wool I bought.  10 x 50g balls of red Sirdar Escape Chunky, 500g of grey DK, and a 50g ball of Sirdar Snuggly Kisses DK.

I didn't do much crafting while I was away from blogging, and absolutely NO crochet! Anyone who saw my Mum's blog post the other day will know that we sat together crafting as she taught me how to make I-cords and how to use double pointed needles and since then I haven't wanted to do anything else other than knit in the round.

I've known about the adorable Mochimochi Land patterns for quite a long time but, not knowing how to make them, I didn't really think much more about it. However now I can knit in the round I've started making lots of Tiny Baby Bunnies.  So far I've got 5 - the little green one I made with Mum and 4 little white and blue-ish ones I made with the Sirdar Snuggly Kisses wool from the craft fair.

They're so quick to make and are only about an inch long (I'm using DK wool and 3.25mm dpns).  No doubt they will keep multiplying!  I'm thinking of putting the book Teeny-Tiny-Mochimochi on my birthday present list even though it is still months away.

The other exciting thing that happened this week was that my crochet bracelet arrived.  It is not an ordinary bracelet, it is handmade by a lovely boy called Eli who likes to crochet.  You can find out the story behind the bracelets from Strumpet's Crumpets blog post.  It came with my name written by Eli on the envelope

I made an apple pie last night for The Boy and myself which we're cooking and eating tonight:

Should be very nice.  Also, on the subject of Boy, he's doing a 10k run on Sunday so I've been out jogging with him after uni.  I'm sure he'll be fine for the run.  I think I'll be going along to watch and cheer him on.

Finally, it's Star Wars Day today (May the Fourth be with you!) so I just had to make something Star-Wars-related.  I chose to make this chapstick cosy which (surprise surprise) is knitted in the round - I assume the novelty will wear off soon.

I did check that purple lightsabers really exist first!

Oops I meant to add:

FO’s 2012 = 25 + 2 = 27
WIP’s =  9
Queued =10


  1. Congrats on learning how to knit in the round! Teeny-Tiny Mochimoch is a must-have, my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas, I love it :D

  2. All good stuff - love the little bunnies. I need to start thinking about your birthday soon - so any ideas would be welcome.