Friday, 27 January 2012

Treating myself - wool shopping

As I said yesterday I have been looking forward to my exams being over so I can go wool shopping.  So I set off this morning to go and re-stock my wool stash.

Here is what I bought:
I'm making myself a lovely snuggly cowl using a pattern by HappyBerry so I bought a huge 200g ball of James C. Brett Chunky wool.

I bought some Sirdar Click (as it was reduced) for The Boy's birthday fingerless mitts.

Also as I mentioned I want to make a Tetris blanket so I bought lots of wool for that (the purple is the only colour missing but I already had that:

Annoyingly, I forgot the black that I needed for the background so I will need to pop back for that.

I did get some funny looks for having that much wool - both from the shop assistants and from the people I passed on my way home.

I also love my stash bag for my Tetris blanket.  I've gotten to a point of commandeering every canvas bag I can find and The Boy now looks out for free ones for me - this one is from a family friend who works at the Royal Institute and was promoting his work in Liverpool recently.

And finally, as it is Friday, I have to post my finished projects.

I decided to make headbands for my teddy bear using this pattern for the bow but experimenting with the straps - either crochet chains or bands with little ear-holes:

Doesn't she look lovely!


  1. I love all your wool - but how could you forget the black!
    The hairbands are really cute.

    1. I have no idea! - I was gutted when I found out

      There are plenty of gaps in my timetable so I can go get it next week sometime :)

  2. Oooo I do love to go wool shopping, the shop is far too close to my house for my bank balances good, like five minutes walk!
    Love the idea of a tetris blanket, I was hooked on that game years ago it's so addictive!
    Lori x

  3. Oh forgot to say those bows look adorable on the bear :-)