Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Weekend Pie

Yup I baked a pie.  Well I love baking and The Boy has wanted to make a pie between us for a while now (he'd make the filling and I'd make the pastry).

It was so tasty!  I managed to kill the top part a bit though as I tried to lift it over the pie so spent a fair amount of time with a glass of water and any spare pastry pieces trying to patch it up again,

I cut out the little heart by hand and it really confused Boy as I didn't let him see it until after it had been baked.
It also meant I got to use my cookery book I got for my birthday for only about the second time (last time was scrambled eggs I think).  We'll definitely be making another pie again soon!


  1. Apart from love...what is in your Pie? The Hairy Bikers have an excellent Pie book out, a whole book of pies!!! 'The Book People' are selling it a a very reasonable price...Just an idea it might fit nicely in 'The Boys' Christmas Stocking :) x You could have a regularly Pie Day :)

  2. Haha didn't realise I hadn't mentioned that :P
    It's beef and onion with gravy.

    Ooh that does sound like a handy book! :D