Friday, 9 December 2011

FO Friday - My first present finished

I was working on wednesday at the place I did my summer work and it was great to see everyone.  I figured it would probably be the last time I'd see my Best Friend before Christmas so I had to rush to complete my present for him.

He's been making me watch Star Wars because apparently it's such a crime that I haven't seen them already so I had to make him a Star Wars present.

I chose to make R2D2 by Penelope Senior (pattern here)
The colour-work looks really effective and I was thrilled by the way it looked when I finished it.

I think I'll be making myself one! My Best Friend loved it too.


  1. That is just too cool, maybe you should make him a Yoda Hat next :) x

  2. Oh wow such a good idea - he got me an owl hat for my birthday :D x

  3. This is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So cute - I'm glad he liked it.