Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm still here! Brewing update

I've been so busy again with my project that I'm actually surprised how long it is since I last posted.

Wednesday was beer bottling day which was pretty messy.  You have to use a siphon to transfer the beer from the plastic barrel to the bottle but to start it moving you have to suck the beer with your mouth and if you're not careful you end up with a mouthful of half-brewed beer - I did.

We did put the bottles in order into the boxes and numbered the first and last in each box.

The First Ten Bottles

All the bottles ready to be filled

Here is the barrel near the start

Onto the second box

And the barrel later on
So we now have 45 bottles of beer fermenting away in our spare room (sorry Eve for when you stay) and in two weeks it'll be drinkable (hopefully).


  1. You are seriously not expecting it to be drinkable are you? lol

  2. Well The Boy has high hopes that it will be but I don't like beer so I don't mind if it fails :P