Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Finished Project and a Haircut

Today I went to the hairdressers for the first time since I was about 5 and was a bridesmaid (my Mum has always cut my hair).  Naturally I was very nervous but I chose to go to a place called Janet's Hair Design in Liverpool because my Mum is also called Janet.  The staff were so friendly and I was chatting away to them for ages.  £9 for a dry cut - I will definitely be going back there!

So here is my lovely hair:

It's nice and short so I shouldn't accidentally eat it any more!

I also finished a crochet project today.  I made one of Mum's patterns:
Jolly Little Goody Bags by Yellow, Pink and Sparkly 
I made this bag to protect my apples in my bag for uni. It was really quick to make and a simple pattern as it just depends on the basic motif for each side.  I made the large size bag as I only own DK wool and the middle size for 4ply would have been a bit too small.

I love the colours of the bag.  I chose to just use white, lilac, purple and black.


  1. I am a bit hairdresser phobic, I have been once in about five years! Your hair looks great :) Now I need a bag to protect my appples!

  2. Aww Thank you!

    I was worried about it - I had to ask Mum what I was meant to ask for when I got there.

    Of course apples need protecting! :D

  3. Hair looks great - and I love the colours of the bag.

  4. I have just finished making my pink and green 'Jolly Little Goody Bag' :) x

  5. I'm still waiting till I can buy more black wool so I can finish Boy's one off :D x