Sunday, 20 October 2013

Getting a pet

Just wanted to say - I got hamsters!  I'd been thinking about a getting a pet for a little while but I was limited in my options because of being in a flat.  However I decided last week that I wanted hamsters - more precisely dwarf hamsters.  I contacted the local hamster breeder, made arrangements with her, and bought all the necessary equipment.

Today, Rob and I went to the breeder's house to choose my hamsters.  I chose two males.  They are Winter White Russian hamsters and I chose a pair that had one white and one dark coloured hamsters.

They are called Zeus and Odin.  Zeus (the white hamster) is a bit more active than Odin and likes running on the wheel.

I'm looking forward to them getting used to me and learning more about them.


  1. I love dwarf hamsters!! They're so adorable =D Congratulations on your new babies, looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of them!!

  2. Love them already. Can't wait to see them on Friday.