Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Housewarming Present for my Bestie

My Bestie recently bought his first home which is very exciting.  I went to visit him on Saturday night so I could see the flat I've been impatient to see ever since he told me about it.  The flat is lovely!!! Definitely worth the wait :)

I also finally got a chance to give Bestie the housewarming present I made for him:

A giant crochet blanket.  It has crochet Lego squares incorporated into the granny squares as we are both huge Lego fans.  He absolutely loved it!  His flat doesn't have heating at the moment so I'm sure he'll be glad of a blanket to curl up under.


  1. Your Bestie is lucky to have you as his Bestie. xxx (Eh have you seen I am having a Blog Give Away? You would like the little Christmas Crochet Book).

  2. What a super present, you are a good bestie. xx

  3. The blanket loves great - With no heating, I'm sure he'll appreciate the house-'warming' present.

    1. Haha yup I'm sure he will - think he's been sitting curled up in it watching tv :) x