Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Design Week Review

Ok so I didn't post for days 4-6 of Design Week but I had coursework and a class test which were priority.

But I have been making great progress with my little barn owl I'm designing - he's called Titus by the way.

So here is my summary for each day:

Day 4 - Progress Photos

Day 5 - Trouble Spots

Besides struggling to find time I haven't had any problems

Day 6 - Turning a design into a pattern

I've been writing out the pattern as I go along - so far it's scribbled on the back of a train ticket and on an envelope but I will type it up when it's finished.

So here is Titus so far:

Look at his little face!!!  Just need to make the wings and sew on the feet then he's all done - so watch this space for the pattern.


  1. Wow - He is so amazing (or is that AMAZE-ING!). OK, assignments and tests are priority - but I can't wait for the pattern.