Monday, 22 August 2011


Hello again world!

It has been rather a while since I last blogged.

Since last time I had a lovely holiday in Paris (and got sunburnt even thought the forcast didn't predict sunny weather)

It was another tour holiday so there were lots of activities planned for us including a coach tour, a trip to Versailles, and a night tour.

The night tour did cause the funniest comment from someone on the tour of  - what's the point it'll be dark?

The Eiffel tower was lovely at night (also during the day) and has a light display on the hour that lasts about 5 minutes.
Here are some photos from my holiday:

The final picture is of the opera-house that inspired the book 'The Phantom of the Opera'

No doubt by the next time I blog I will have aged sufficiently and no longer be a teenager - an idea which makes Mum emotional but doesn't affect me much.


  1. Yes, I'm very emotional. Happy Birthday - big girl.

  2. Many Happy returns, it sounds like you will have a lovely evening :)